Under age marriage

. MARRIAGE BEFORE 16 YEARS: I am 15 years and 9 months old  and want to marry my boyfriend  six years older than me but my parents are against it. I love him truly and I think it is unfair that my parents will not let me marry him. Is there anything I can do about my problem?

Yes, there is. First go and see your local Chamber Magistrate. If he/she thinks you have a good case he will refer you to legal aid, if you qualify for legal aid. The matter will be listed for a hearing where your partner to marry must also attend. Usually both of you are put into the witness box to tell the magistrate about your circumstances. Your solicitor will be asking you for detailed information about your capacity to earn reasonable money to be self sufficient, if you are a responsible, mature person, about your employment, your future accommodation and so on. Your partner too will be asked a lot of relevant questions and if the magistrate thinks that you do have the capacity to look after yourselves in a reasonable way for the present and the immediate future, he could make an order that you will be allowed to marry.


2 Responses to Under age marriage

  1. angelwinslet12 says:

    Yes, you should talk to your parents and ask them why they are apposing your marraige and if the reason is only of age then u should wait untill you are 18years old to get married.

  2. victorzammit says:

    True, under normal circumstances girls have to wait until they reach the appropriate age to get married. But sometimes there are exceptional circumstances where under-age girls have to obtain the court’s permission to marry. It has to be remembered, that a magistrate/judge has to give permission for an under aged girl to be married – and there would have to be exceptionally good reasons for giving permission – eg, where there is physical or serious psychological violence and other safety problems by the parents for the applicant, serious drug addiction, very serious longitudinal alcohol problems of the parents.

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