I was carrying shopping bags on the way to the car a few weeks ago in a shopping center at a big shopping center and slipped on some liquid on the ground, hurting my knee very badly. I had assistance from the management of the shopping center. But my problem is that some years ago I had a similar accident where the same knee was injured. A friend of mine thinks I could get compensation even if it is the second accident. 

I don’t see why you cannot seek compensation even if you had a previous claim. You need to get your knee medically attended to by a specialist who will have to submit a report about your condition after he treats your knee. Now, the shopping center insurance may claim that the injuries you are suffering come from the first accident. If your specialist’s opinion is that your present injuries are an ‘exacerbation’ (worsening) of your existing injuries, you can claim against the shopping center. Of course, the shopping center is likely to refuse to admit liability, but that does not matter. The medical expert’s condition on your knee would be critical. There are precedents in this matter where people like you were successful against the shopping centers – assuming the medical reports are favorable.


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