NEGLIGENCE – THIRD PARTY: My sister was seven months pregnant when she had a car accident. She was injured, but not seriously. Later when the baby was born the baby had injuries. The specialists told her that injuries could have been a result of the accident. Can she claim anything from the insurance?  

There is a precedent similar to the circumstances you mentioned – the Turner case. In that case the child was born with serious cerebral problems when it was proved on balance of probabilities that the child’s injuries were caused while still in the womb. This case took many years to complete but the Court awarded the injured child one million dollars damages against the (the mother) – the insurance even though the mother was negligent and caused the accident. The critical thing is for the medical specialists to confirm that the injuries the child sustained were received directly or indirectly from the motor vehicle accident. In an almost similar case more recently the child was unable to get compensation because the evidence was not convincing enough to show that the injuries were caused by the accident but rather through its birth.  


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