Police radar

BOOKED FOR SPEEDING. I was booked by police radar for speeding – less than 15k over the limit, but I am one hundred per cent sure I was not going faster that the speed limit for the area where I was driving. There were two police officers manning the radar, how on earth can I prove that I was not exceeding the speed limit?


I’d say the cheapest way is to pay the fine even if you are right. However, if you are determined to take on the police what you have to do is this: get written confirmation by the experts that your speedometer is recording correctly. Ask your lawyer to pursue the matter, which means he will have to find out the make and model of the radar the police were using at the time. Your lawyer would have to study the technical tests of the radar for accuracy and to see if there is marginal error allowed. He’d also have to find the age of the radar equipment used and see if over time the radar deteriorates in accuracy.  Your lawyer would have to prove only on the balance of probabilities – more likely than not – that there is a basis to doubt the accuracy of the radar. Without any guarantees of winning the case, it will cost at least a couple of thousand dollars to pursue the matter.


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