Physician exceeding authority?

My doctor asked me to fill in a questionnaire about how I felt about suing the insurance company for compensation after a car accident. When I got home I began to feel suspicious because if the insurance company got hold of the confidential information from the survey that could go against me. Kindly advise.


You should never fill out surveys about how you are progressing in your physical and mental condition when you have a matter with an insurance company. Experience has shown that some doctors could ‘inadvertently’ pass on the information to the insurance company. There was a precedent to this effect where the doctor tried to leave the country before the matter was formally heard. If your doctor passes the information to the insurance company, that would be a very serious breach. It could constitute misconduct which would be serious enough to suspend the doctor from practicing for some time. In any event, you should always obtain a copy of the survey you filled in. Also, ask the doctor what he was going to do with the survey you filled in and on whose behalf it was done and if he is going to send a copy of it to the insurance. If he refuses to answer those questions, write a complaint to the Medical Board.


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