I’m a 23 years old attractive young woman and our family doctor has known my family all my life. But every time I go to see this family doctor he asks me about having a pap smear test. I am suspicious about his motives. The doctor is getting on in years and I think he’s enthusiasm for a pap smear has another meaning. At my age I don’t think I have to have a smear test – does he have a legal right to continue to ask me to have one.


This problem is very easily remedied. All you have to do is to go to a reputable female doctor or women’s health clinic. For your peace of mind then you can have the test without any embarrassment of a male doctor doing it. Only very rarely are there complaints about doctors abusing their position – but if you feel uncomfortable with him and more serious – when you become suspicious about his motives, the surest way for you to feel relaxed about these things is to go to a female doctor. Ask your friends to recommend you a good female doctor. A doctor may feel it is his duty to remind his patients to have certain tests – but not to the point of coming across as putting pressure on his patients to have any particular test. Doctors may not know that there is a presumption of guilt on the doctors in these matters and the onus of proof shifts onto the doctor to explain his innocence.


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