My name is Victor Zammit, I am a retired lawyer (a specialist in the empirical evidence for the afterlife) from Sydney Australia whose primary interest is in study of the Afterlife. Even though I am retired from practice I am still in a position to assist with answering legal questions to those who subscribe to my weekly Friday Report. Because of statutory technicalities, I am not in a position to give ‘legal’ advice. My answers to your legal questions are my ‘view’ on the particular law asked. Therefore, for the purpose of the record, it is not my intention to give legal advice nor should the reader accept that my answers are formal or informal legal advice. You will get an idea of the legal situation about the matters raised, then procedurally, if you want more information I recommend you to go and see your own lawyer. A number of people continually request my assistance in legal matters and I hope that by putting the information on the internet, I will be helping many people with their problems relating to law. Whilst in the English speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia South Africa and some other countries who use Common Law and Equity principles – there are many similarities, there would be differences in Constitutional Law, Statutory Law on a Federal and State matters. The legal situations primarily apply to the State of New South Wales, Australia. Another fundamental condition of reading the report is that you will not, under any circumstances legally pursue a matter against the author in relation to any item listed below.I will be adding one or two legal questions each week with my Friday Report. To subscribe go to www.victorzammit.com.


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